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What Is Included in the Price of an Assisted Living Facility?

Each center is different, so it is best practice to discuss with them what is included with the price of staying at their assisted living facility. First and foremost, your care and security are included in the price of most facilities. Access to help 24 hours a day is a main reason people transition to assisted living, so you can expect to get this wherever you end up going. Besides the obvious needs the deal with health and well-being, most facilities include the price of utilities in their cost to eliminate certain things that could be burden, like worrying about monthly bills. You can also expect to have a transportation service included. On top of this, facilities usually provide services to ensure your life is easier. Housekeeping, laundry services, and food preparation are usually provided. That being said, there may be an extra cost if you have a special diet or certain requests in regard to the services they provide. Lastly, you can expect to have social activities and events included in the price of your stay. The social dynamic is an important part of the assisted living experience, and a good facility will provide its residents with a wide array of things to remain active and social. The best practice is to ask questions and fully understand what it is your paying for, this will prevent any surprises from occurring once you’ve signed an agreement and started living there.

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