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What Are the Credentials of the Staff Members of an Assisted Living Facility?

Every facility is different, and every state has different guidelines on what kind of medical oversite is needed at an assisted living facility. The best way to know what kind of care you will be receiving and who will be administering it, is to ask. A good facility will be able to tell you the credentials of its staff and the different kinds of medical professionals they have. It is also best practice to ask for proof of these credentials. A good facility will be able to provide this information quite readily, so if you run into any issues when checking into the qualifications of a center’s staff, it may be a bad indicator. Keep in mind that some assisted living facilities are tailored to certain levels of care, so some places may have a larger medical staff than others. If a facility can meet your needs and seems like a good place, do not be discouraged if their medical staff is not extensive. So long as they can provide proof of the staff they have and are in full disclosure of what kind of care they can provide.

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