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Natural Gas Suppliers in Ohio

Deregulation allowed energy consumers to choose and pay for their energy supply. In past days, consumer were reliant on the services from Energy Services Company (ESCO) of their choice. Ever since the deregulation came into play, consumers enjoy a wider variety of energy providers to choose from. It is safe to say that deregulation has enabled energy competitors to reach out to the consumers.

Think of it as a phone consumer. You can choose your network. Then you can choose the package you will use over the month. You can also choose the phone set you will be using it on. That is the same case with the energy company, especially the natural gas which is being used in every household. It is used for cooking food and heating systems.

Public Service Commission of Ohio allowed the consumers to choose their own option to buy and use natural gas from in 1997. That allowed the customers to choose their own retail of natural gas which will provide them natural gas at their own rate and supply. Since 1997, the customers have chosen various retails for provision of natural gas in domestic, industrial and commercial places.

Before the deregulation in 1997, gas was provided as a utility to the general population at a regulated price. Many would think that since there were different kind of retails providing gas, the prices will be different as well. That is not true in the case of the state of Ohio. Under the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, the competitive prices that are used for availing the services of any specific company do not affect the supply price. That means that the natural gas supply in Ohio is still viewed as a utility which is provided at a regulated price.

Ohio’s Natural Gas Customer Choice programs allow the customers to choose from a wide variety of natural gas companies to choose from. The program allows the customers to reach out to the company of their choosing on their own terms. It also provides the opportunity for the customer to compare. The program also helps you in choosing the most suitable natural gas supplier according to your area and budget. Moreover, it assures that the natural gas supplier that you approach is providing you natural gas at a regulated rate which has been approved by the Local Distribution Company (LDC). The customers can also choose to sign up for service from a Competitive Retail Natural Gas Supplier (CRNGS).

The listing below is sorted by cities in alphabetic order.

List of Natural Gas Suppliers in Ohio

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