Senior Living in Aurora, Illinois

Last updated on: Monday, 30 October 2023
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Searching for senior living, assisted living, or home health care options in the vibrant city of Aurora? Look no further! Our comprehensive listing offers a diverse range of choices designed to meet the unique requirements of your loved ones. Whether they need specialized care or assistance with daily activities, our listings provide various options to ensure a comfortable and supportive environment.  With our comprehensive listings, finding the ideal care option has never been easier.

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List of Assisted Living Facilities in Aurora

List of Independent Living Facilities in Aurora

    Alden Horizon

    Alden Horizon is an independent living community for seniors located in the city of Aurora, Illinois. It features one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments for residents to live in, with features such…

    Senior Living Type

    - Independent Living


    - Exterior Activities Planned
    - Interior Activities Planned


    - Game Room
    - Gym/Fitness Programs
    - Library

    Housing Features

    - Laundry Room

    2000 Randi Drive, Aurora, IL

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Home Health Care Services in Aurora

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