Independent and Assisted Living Housing Options for Seniors in Florida, FL

The state of Florida has one of the largest percentages of senior citizens, and approximately 19% of the population is over the age of 65. Across the state of Florida are extensive independent retirement communities and assisted living facilities for seniors. The average cost of independent living in Florida is approximately $2,500 per month. However, these prices do vary depending on the location and the amenities. Some of the more popular cities providing independent living are Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Clearwater, Orlando, and Jacksonville among many others. The state of Florida is a popular tourist destination and spot for retirees because of the warmer climates, relaxed pace of living, and promotes an active lifestyle. Independent retirement communities are typically for anyone over the age of 55 or 65 who are still active and do not require assistance with daily living. Retirement communities are all different, such as with condos, apartments, or naturally occurring retirement communities.

According to the Department of Elder Affairs within the State of Florida, assisted living facilities are residential care facilities. These programs provide housing, meals, personal care, and supportive services to older persons who require assistance with daily living. When applying to live at an ALF in Florida, the client must meet residency criteria, which is defined by Florida regulations and the facility policy. The average monthly cost of assisted living in Florida is approximately $3,400 per month. Cities such as Tampa, Jacksonville, Clearwater, Miami, and Orlando have extensive options, among many other cities.

List of Senior Living Communities in Florida


Joseph Kertis

Joseph Kertis


on July 4, 2022

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