How Does an Assisted Living Facility Ensure My Loved One’s Safety?

Last updated on: Saturday, 6 May 2023

With safety and security being a main reason for individuals to move into an assisted living facility, there are many ways these centers protect the well-being of their residents. One of the most popular ways to handle this is a medical alert pendent. This is a small device that residents wear around their neck; it has a button on it so they can send an alert that help is needed. This ensures that you or your loved one can get help whenever they need it. Some of these devices can even detect falls and track individuals who may have the propensity of wondering off. Not all facilities utilize this technology so check with the center you are in contact with to see how they handle safety and security. Keep in mind that a good facility will perform regular wellness checks and make rounds with the residents to ensure everyone is doing okay. Technology can be helpful, but it is important that a facility has enough staff on hand to take care of all their residents and monitor them accordingly.