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How Does Aging in Place Differ From Assisted Living?

Aging in place in the practice of older adults staying at their current place of residence as they age. The process of aging in place differs from individual to individual depending upon their needs. Common things that occur for those who decide to age in place include but are not limited to; modifications to their current living space to assist with mobility, hiring of home health care workers, and utilization of medical alert systems. Assisted living comes into play when aging in place is not possible. Whether it’s because of health reason or lack of finances, sometimes aging in place is just not feasible. Though assisted living can provide everything an individual who desires to age in place needs and then some, it important to note that the desire to age in place can be due to sentimental reasons. So, if it’s not possible, understand that your loved one may take a loss when they have to part ways with a house they have a lot of history with.

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