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How Do I Get My Loved One Admitted Into an Assisted Living Facility?

The admission process into an assisted living facility involves finding the right facility for your loved one, then making sure they can provide the care that is necessary for them. Doing your research is extremely important; before you start looking into places, it is best practice to figure your budget. The last thing you want to do is to visit a variety of places that are out of your price range. This could lead to disappointment when your loved one has a connection to a facility and finds out later that they are unable to go.

Assisted living facilities also have a screening process where they analyze the needs of your loved one. This may require a visit with a physician because a good assisted living facility will require detailed health information. Don’t let a facility rush you into choosing them. If they aren’t doing their due diligence to ensure they can care for your loved one, then they most likely will not provide the best care during your loved one’s stay.

Remember that the decision to move into an assisted living facility can be tough for your loved one, so be supportive. It is an important decision that should not be taken lightly. Remember that choosing the wrong facility and rushing the process can end up causing problems in the future, so be patient.

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