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Residential Home Energy Suppliers in Rhode Island

Ever since the energy market of Rhode Island got deregulated, residents of Rhode Island can choose their energy provider, instead of being limited to utility companies like the National Grid. The biggest advantage of deregulation is that it brought more competition in the energy market. There are more energy companies supplying energy out there, each offering unique offers and deals. Since they all want more customers, there is a competition to offer better options to the consumers and at more reasonable rates.  It has also led the suppliers to improve their services, increase the amount of energy being produced, and generally reduce the price of energy as well. Residents of Rhode Island can still choose to get their energy supply from the utility, but if they choose a different energy company, they can benefit from a variety of plan options and contract term offers.

This increasing competition has resulted in the decrease in energy rates, as well as better customer services for the residents of Rhode Island. Residents have a wide variety of energy companies to choose from. Some of the energy suppliers provide energy to businesses only, some supply energy to residents only while some supply to both. Most of the energy suppliers offer a choice between fixed rates and variable rates deals.  They also let their customers choose the resources they’re using to generate electricity.

Some energy companies, for example, use a 100% renewable source, which means that they use sustainable resources that will not run out in the future. Some offer “green energy” plans, which are environmentally friendly and beneficial for the surroundings. By choosing these suppliers as their energy provider, residents of Rhode Island can show their support for eco-friendly schemes. Keeping in mind these factors, and by comparing electricity generation type, energy rates and contract terms, consumers can select the energy company that best suits their energy requirements.

To get the most customers, some residential energy suppliers even offer various bonuses and rewards, as a way to get more people to choose them as their energy provider. Some even offer attractive offers like gift cards and free energy during certain times of the day or night. Competing suppliers also offer excellent customer service and more customer rights.

Unlike before, residents can now find the perfect energy plan for them and save up money on their electricity bills.

The listing below is sorted by cities in alphabetic order.

List of Residential Home Energy Suppliers in Rhode Island

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