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Residential Home Energy Suppliers in Ohio

Ever since the deregulation of energy in 1997, residents of Ohio have the power to choose their energy supplier. The main purpose of deregulation was to increase competition in the energy market; since there are more companies out there that are competing with each other to get more customers, they all try to offer the cheapest energy rates. The increasing competition results in greater variety of price options and gives the customer the power to choose the energy rate option that is best for their home. The energy companies that supply energy to homes in Ohio must be certified by the PUCO (Public Utilities Commission of Ohio) before they can sell electricity to the customers. To ensure that every supplier is qualified enough to provide electricity in Ohio, certification is a detailed, thorough process. Once the suppliers are certified by PUCO, they can supply energy to the businesses in Ohio at the rates they want.

Shifting to a new energy supplier is easy: just as the customers shop for other product and services, they can now also shop for their energy products. They can compare the rates offered by different energy companies and select the one that best fits their budget. The suppliers also offer various deals and packages, giving more options to the customers. They also offer exceptional customer services and more customer rights to their customers. Competitive suppliers also introduced new energy products in the market.The energy suppliers all have different ways to bring in more customers; some offer rewards like gift cards, bonuses, or cash, while some offer free energy for certain times of the day or night. The consumers cannot just save money on their energy bills but they also have the choice to choose where their energy is coming from. Some energy suppliers, for example, offer renewable energy or green energy. Green energy is the cleanest form of energy generation. Generating energy from renewable resources does not contribute to global warming or air pollution. In this way, those suppliers have attractive “eco-friendly” campaigns that certainly get more businesses to choose them.


While residents in Ohio still have the choice to keep receiving their energy supply from the utility, switching to a different supplier has numerous benefits. By switching to a new energy supplier, they may be able to save on their monthly energy costs. They can consider factors like better deals, competitive energy rates, innovative product offerings and much more to choose just the right provider for them. This not only gives them more power over their energy plans but also results in noticeable monthly savings. 

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List of Residential Home Energy Suppliers in Ohio

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