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Business Energy Suppliers in Illinois

Ever since energy got deregulated in Illinois in the late nineties, the energy rates have greatly gone down. This is due to the increasing competition between the suppliers that now supply energy to the residents and businesses in Illinois.

As more energy companies entered the market, the competition between them grew and they a started offering cheaper energy deals and a wide variety of other useful services for their customers. Regardless of the supplier a business customer chooses, the transportation and delivery of the energy is still regulated by the state, and the local utility company still continues to deliver their energy through their wires and pipelines.

While the business energy consumers in Illinois still have the option to receive their energy supply from the utility, the advantages of shifting to a different energy provider has numerous benefits. Unlike the utility, other electricity suppliers provide less expensive rates and/or greener energy alternatives to traditional sources of energy used by the utility. They also compete to offer the best customer service and the best consumer experience. They offer different types of energy plans; fixed-rate plans and variable-rate plans. This allows business owners to choose whether they prefer flexibility in their energy plans or if price security is more important to them. 

Before the law on deregulation was passed, most of the business companies in Illinois were paying some of the highest electricity rates in the country. For businesses, deregulation of energy has meant big savings in their energy bills. Businesses now have the opportunity to choose from a variety of different purchasing strategies. Some of the energy suppliers offer specific “customized business deals” that let the business owners choose some of the terms, conditions and rates for the deal they want.


The advantages of shifting to business energy suppliers not just include lower energy rates but some suppliers also offer various other added benefits. Their deals include additional rewards like gift cards, cash, bonuses or free energy offered during certain times of the day or night. By choosing a supplier of their choice, businesses can also choose the source from where they’re getting their energy; some suppliers, for example, offer 100% renewable energy or green energy, which is the cleanest form of energy generation out there. In order to keep their customers satisfied, some energy companies offer exceptional customer services. They have also brought new ideas into the energy market and introduced the latest technology and the most innovative energy products. 

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List of Business Energy Suppliers in Illinois

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