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Electricity Suppliers in the United States

The United States electric industry is undergoing a monumental change in the way it provides electricity services to millions of residential and commercial constituents nationwide. The $220 billion industry, is the last great government-sanctioned monopoly.  Today this natural monopoly is gradually undergoing deregulation.  Deregulation opens the market to fair competition, providing the consumers the option to choose their service provider and spurring economic and technological revitalization.   The electricity sector has the potential to stimulate market growth.

To support this restructuring, congress passed a bill that opened the energy market to competition.  The tenants of this bill required all states within the U.S to stride towards energy deregulation, not all states have taken the final leap into offering customer choice, some have and others have repealed their plans to do so.  Consumer choice allows electricity providers to open shop and offer supply services to residential, commercial, and industrial consumers. 

The mandate must expand beyond deregulation.  Today the challenge is national and global in scope and proportion.  The question is how will the U.S. react to the new Green Industrial Revolution. This Green Power revolution is already creating new markets around the world. Markets that yield great economic, social and health benefits.  Clearly, the demand for clean energy; eco-friendly products, buildings, homes, modes of transport; and environmentally sustainable production processes will continue to grow astronomically into the next decades. China, Germany, and other countries are already committing themselves to lead this revolution and control these markets. Whereas, the United States have made many strides, enough to be at an advantage in this global competition, bold innovations and an unaltering commitment to compete must be made clear in public policy and consistent across states for the United States to compete with the bold innovations of Germany and China. must determine clear public policy.

There are some states that deregulated Electricity services at the announcement of deregulation and the proposed customer service benefits and the increase in profit for the carrier as well.   To date, 16 states in the United States of America (as well as Washington D.C.) deregulated their electricity sector.  Additionally, 7 states started electricity deregulation in some capacity but have since suspended the program. There are approximately 27 states the remaining states do not have deregulated electricity markets.  If the U.S. is serious about leading the Green revolution as she led the Industrial revolution, one-fourth of the states cannot be non-participative.

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