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Does an Assisted Living Facility Provide Food?

Assisted Living Facilities usually provide 3 meals a day, but the way they handle their food service differ from each center. As we age food preparation can get more difficult, since certain conditions require specific diets, eating right can have a tremendous impact on your health. That’s why it important to make sure the facility you choose takes their meal planning seriously and has food you like. The best way to know if you’re going to like the food is to sample it. Every good facility will provide you with samples of their food to ensure you like them and can also go into to detail about their food service. Not every place operates the same. Some places have a dining hall where food is served, while other places allow for in room dining and can even deliver the meals to your room.

The first thing you need understand before choosing the right facility is your own dietary needs, so ensure you talk to your physician. Once you know your needs it will be easier to make the best decision on what facility is right for you.

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