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Do Independent Living Facilities and Complexes Provide Food for Its Residents?

Independent living facilities and complexes do not typically provide food, so meals are not included in their monthly fees. Independent living focuses more on providing an environment where older adults can live in the same area and has housing that caters to the needs of aging individuals. That being said, some independent living communities have a restaurant or club house that is easy to access, and individuals can get meals throughout the day when they need them. Some even offer food services, but they usually come at an additional cost. Those who choose to live in an independent living community tend to be more active and have little to no physical or mental health issues. If food preparation and service is absolutely necessary or you have a therapeutic diet you must adhere to, it may be a good idea to explore a higher level of care like an assisted living facility. Doing so ensures your needs are met and you can enjoy a higher quality of life.

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