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Do Assisted Living Facilities Administer Medication or Does My Loved One Manage Their Own Prescriptions?

Every assisted-living facility has a different Medication Management Policy, so it is important you understand this before you make your final choice for your loved one. The most common 2 examples of how facilities handle medication management are as follows:

  1. Self-administration with medication reminders: A staff member of the facility goes around and reminds its residents that it is time to take their medications. Though the individual is responsible for taking their own medication, the facility assists in the routine of taking the drugs they need as prescribed.
  2. A nurse or other trained medical professional administers and oversees: This administration is done by either handing out pre-packaged doses or taking the correct amount of medication from the individual’s prescription bottle and giving it to them. Since most individuals in an assisted living facility are not completely reliant on someone helping them, this is the less common of the two medication management policies.

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