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Do All Assisted Living Facilities Provide the Same Care?

No, not all assisted living facilities provide the same care. Each center has the potential to be licensed for 3 levels of care. Level 1 is the lowest level of care and every facility must have this licensing to be considered an assisted living facility. Level 1 allows residents to be independent and may consist of medication reminders and light supervision. Level 2 is the next level of care and can consist of things like medical professionals administering medication instead of providing reminders. Level 3 is the highest level of care an assisted living facility can provide. This involves regular assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs) and usually involves a comprehensive set of tasks that need to be performed for or with an individual. Before choosing your facility, make sure you understand what level or levels of care they can provide. If your loved one’s health has been digressing regularly, it is important to find a facility that offers all three levels, so you do not have to change facilities to receive a higher level of care.

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