Vancouver, British Columbia Senior Housing Facilities

Vancouver is consistently named one of the top five worldwide cities for livability and quality of life. There are over 700 senior home facilities in the city of Vancouver. These options include independent living and retirement living and assisted living for seniors.

The city is the most densely populated in the country. Still, there are numerous options for senior living and senior housing. In 2019, the city of Vancouver had been ranked as having the third-highest quality of life of any city on the planet.

ECDOL Canada provides an extensive directory of what is available to seniors living in the Vancouver region. When searching for senior housing or senior living in Vancouver, there are some things to consider. Our detailed information answers those questions and more.

List of Senior Living Facilities in Vancouver, British Columbia

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Independent Living and Retirement Communities in Vancouver, British Columbia

Independent living in Vancouver, British Columbia, is any housing arrangement designed exclusively for older adults, including retirement communities. There are over 260 independent living options for seniors in the city.

Typically, these are adults aged 55 and over or 65 and over. The housing varies widely from apartment-style living to freestanding homes.

What is senior independent living:

  • Residents are retired or semi-retired.
  • Residents do not require constant medical care or nursing staff.
  • Residents are physically active.
  • Generally, little to no worry about home maintenance and upkeep.

Residents live independently, and some communities offer amenities, activities, and services. Independent living for seniors in Vancouver is aimed at older adults who need little or no assistance with daily living activities.

Retirement Homes in Vancouver, British Columbia

There are close to 300 retirement homes and senior communities within the city and its surrounding area. Retirement living in Vancouver brings different things to different people. It goes by many names, such as independent living, active adult living, 55 plus communities, etc.

Retirement homes are a form of independent living. The amenities and services provided vary with each community and may include the following:

  • Meal preparation.
  • Transportation services.
  • Shops, salons, and other amenities.
  • Housekeeping and laundry services.
  • Recreational facilities.
  • On-call medical services.

Many seniors choose retirement living because they no longer want the responsibility of maintaining a home. Most retirement communities require no yard work or maintenance, making it easier for seniors to enjoy retirement living.

Retirement living is a combination of housing and hospitality services for retired adults who are functionally independent seniors capable of directing their care.

Assisted Living for Seniors

There are over 20 different assisted living facilities in Vancouver, BC. Assisted living in Vancouver, British Columbia is a residential option for seniors who want or need help with daily living activities.

Services may include:

  • Medical care
  • Cooking and cleaning
  • General housekeeping
  • Laundry services
  • Transportation
  • Assistance with bathing, etc.

The purpose of most assisted living homes is to encourage and help residents maintain their independence for as long as possible but offer extra assistance when needed.

There is a mix of both publicly funded and contracted assisted living or long-term care facilities within Vancouver. When someone is admitted to a long-term or assisted living facility, they are assessed at admission and regularly throughout their residency.

Contracted facilities within Vancouver tend to have more residents aged 85 and older. The health authority-owned facilities have more residents aged 65 and younger. The level of care varies, and it is crucial to determine what type of care is required.

Finally, the Health Authority Community Care Facility Licensing programs issue licenses and conduct regular health and safety inspections to ensure facilities provide safe care to residents.

Senior Housing Services Specific to the City of Vancouver

The city of Vancouver offers supportive and assisted housing for seniors. The Seniors Services Society is a non-profit organization that ensures that all older adults are supported, adequately housed, and valued in a healthy community.

The Cost of Senior Living in Vancouver, British Columbia

The cost of senior living in Vancouver varies. There are differences in price between assisted living and independent living.

Assisted living services in British Columbia provide housing, hospitality services, and personal care services for adults.

Residents can receive publicly subsidized assisted living services and pay a monthly rate based on income. In 2022, the following monthly rates were:

  • For a single adult, $1,070.90
  • For an elderly couple, $1,631.20

Independent living or retirement communities are often based on average rents for standard spaces by unit type. In addition, it varies depending on the region of Vancouver:

  • Average prices in Vancouver–$4,019
  • Bachelor suites–$2,566
  • One-bedroom–$4,539
  • Two-bedroom–$6,287

Additionally, British Columbia offers an independent living program. This subsidized assisted living program provides housing with support services to seniors and people with disabilities. Individuals who are eligible pay 70% of their after-tax income, plus a hydro surcharge.

Statistics on Seniors in Vancouver

  • In 2021, seniors represented 16% of the population in Vancouver.
  • By 2031, it is estimated to grow to 21%.
  • Within Metro Vancouver, population growth has been seen among those aged 55 to 59 and 90 plus years.
  • There are currently twice as many women as men over the age of 80 in Metro Vancouver.
  • In Metro Vancouver, senior residents are projected to rise from 1 in 8 to 1 in 4 by 2031.


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