Sherbrooke, Quebec Senior Living Facilities

Senior living in Sherbrooke, Quebec, includes independent living or retirement homes and assisted living or long-term care for seniors. The Sherbrook region is surrounded by mountains, rivers, lakes, several ski hills nearby, and various tourist attractions. Active seniors living in the region have access to many outdoor activities.

There are different options for senior housing and senior living in Sherbrook, offering something for everyone. Choosing the right type of senior housing or senior living takes time, especially if seniors are moving from their existing homes to a new location.

Aging is a time of adaptation and change and planning your future housing needs is essential to ensuring you continue to thrive as you get older. ECDOL Canada provides an extensive directory and excellent resources to help you locate the best possible senior living options.

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Independent Living and Retirement Communities in Sherbrooke, Quebec

Independent living in Sherbrooke, Quebec, is any housing arrangement designed for seniors. Typically, these are for seniors aged 55 and over or 65 and over who are still independent and require minor to no assistance with daily living activities.

The types of housing vary and include:

  • Apartment-style living
  • Condominiums or townhomes
  • Freestanding homes
  • Active adult communities

Residents live independently, and most communities offer amenities, activities, and services. Independent living facilities are aimed at older adults who need little or no assistance. Most of these facilities do not offer medical care or nursing care.

Independent living options are the best choice for retired or semi-retired seniors who are still active and require no outside assistance.

Retirement Homes in Sherbrooke, Quebec

Retirement living in Sherbrooke, Quebec, is a specific form of independent living for seniors. Retirement communities offer housing, such as private apartments, suites, or rooms for healthy seniors to live without daily assistance.

The amenities and services vary by the retirement community. Still, they often include:

  • On-site services
  • On-call nurses
  • Dining services
  • Transportation to shops and appointments
  • Housekeeping and laundry
  • Recreation and social events

The main expense for retirement living is rent. The rent varies from residence to residence and depends on the location, number of rooms, square footage of the apartment, and any included services. When searching for retirement living, always work within a budget and compare your current living costs with the new cost of retirement living.

Assisted Living for Seniors

Generally, assisted living in Sherbrooke, Quebec, is a residential option for seniors who want or need help with some of the activities of daily living. For example, these things include:

  • Cooking and meal preparation
  • Cleaning
  • Laundry
  • Personal care
  • Transportation to appointments or shops

Assisted living facilities offer the safety and security of 24-hour support and access to care.

Facilities help residents determine what level of care they need and develop care plans to ensure it is provided. An assisted living facility in Sherbrooke, Quebec, would be a good option if you need more personal care services than are feasible at home or in an independent living setup.

Residential centers or residential and long-term care centers (CHSLDs) help seniors who have a decreased level of independence. Most of the residents referred to a residential care center require more than three hours of care per day.

Senior Services Specific to the City of Sherbrooke

Additional services for seniors are provided through the province and include:

  • Information from the Tribunal administratif du logement (previously known as the Régie du logement). In certain specific situations, a landlord cannot object when a senior terminates a lease.
  • Complaint to the Commission des droits de la personne. Information from the Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse.
  • Grant for Seniors to Offset a Municipal Tax Increase. Administered by Revenu Québec
  • Shelter Allowance. Administered by Revenu Québec. The Shelter Allowance Program provides financial assistance to low-income households that devote too large a proportion of their budget to housing.

The Cost of Senior Living in Sherbrooke, Quebec

The cost of senior living in Sherbrook, Quebec, varies and depends on several factors that specifically apply to independent living.

The cost for supportive housing subsidized by the provincial government is as follows:

  • Private room–$2,019.30
  • Semi-private room–$1,686.90
  • Room with three or more beds–$1,256.70

The above amounts are maximums. Suppose a resident cannot pay the required amount. In that case, their contribution is set on the basis of their liquid assets, property, monthly income, and family situation.

The cost of retirement housing in Sherbrooke, Quebec, varies, yet there are some average rent costs for standard spaces:

  • Standard space–$1,922
  • Spaces providing heavy care–$3,653


Like most of Quebec, the population in Sherbrooke is aging, and the overall population in Quebec is expected to grow to over nine million by 2030.

  • Approximately 19.3% of the population is aged 65 and older.
  • Roughly 2.8% were aged 85 and older


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