Manitoba Senior Living, Independent and Assisted Living

Within Manitoba, there are different options for senior housing. Senior living includes independent or retirement living, personal care or assisted living, and other levels of care for seniors. The process of choosing the best type of senior living does not have to be complicated, but make sure you account for all your needs when choosing a a new home.

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The Cost Assisted Living and Retirement Living in Manitoba

The cost of senior living in the province varies. According to Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s annual review of the senior’s residences market, the average rent in Winnipeg was marginally higher than the provincial average at $2,800 in 2019. Also, the overall vacancy rate for standard spaces in the province decreased to three percent in 2019, from 4.8% in 2018. The overall vacancy rate for total senior spaces also decreased to 2.8% in 2019. The overall rent in Manitoba for a standard space was $2,800 in 2019, which was an increase from 2018. There are many things to consider when choosing senior housing, whether it is independent living or a personal care home. However, there are numerous options to consider within the province, and Manitoba offers a unique and vibrant culture.

Choosing Assisted Living and Retirement Living in Manitoba

When choosing retirement living or assisted living in Manitoba, there are some things to consider. It is a good idea to plan and research all the retirement and care options within the province. The ECDOL directory service has extensive options for you and your loved ones to search through. The family should also determine the needs and budget. When exploring what retirement communities or independent living are available, it should not exceed your budget. It is also essential to visit the residences, ask lots of questions, and speak to people who are living there. Within the city of Winnipeg are many different independent living options. The retirement communities within the city suit all the needs of retirees and provide extensive amenities and services. Active seniors can enjoy time outdoors, public attractions, sporting events, art, and culture.

Most seniors choose to live close to the amenities and services they need. For example, this may include housing, shopping, food stores, churches, walking trails, and healthcare. Senior individuals and couples choose independent living for the freedom of everyday responsibilities. The average independent living community in the province may offer social activities, housekeeping, laundry services, exercise and leisure activities, fully private or semi-private rooms, and other amenities. Independent living or retirement living is an enjoyable experience. It should offer each resident the opportunity to enjoy retirement and do the things they may never have had the time to accomplish before. Independent living may include apartment-style living, condos, active senior communities ore retirement homes.

Assisted living or personal care homes are usually the first levels of care for a senior who requires extra assistance. Assisted living typically has three main components, which are providing residents with housing, offering care services based on residents’ needs, and creating a community for seniors to be social with other residents. Typically, an assisted living facility provides 24-hour supervision and security, daily meals, housekeeping, laundry, social programs, exercise, and transportation.

The cost of assisted living varies, and it depends on the community, level of care, and the size of the room. On average, the monthly cost for assisted living in Manitoba is $2,300, but this does vary. Within the province, the Manitoba Aging in Place Initiative helps seniors live in communities that offer independence but also the care services they need as they age. The level of care for assisted living in the province varies. Assisted living facilities will help a family determine what type of care your loved one requires, and if they meet the criteria for assisted living.


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