Saskatchewan Senior Living and Senior Housing Options

Senior living options in Saskatchewan include assisted living, independent living, and retirement communities. When looking for senior care in Saskatchewan, it is important to consider all your personal and medical needs.

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Choosing Retirement or Independent Living and Assisted Living in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan is an ideal place for retirement and senior living, especially if you enjoy living on the prairies. The cities of Saskatoon and Regina offer world-class health care, and along with numerous local activities, festivals, and arts and culture. When choosing independent or retirement living in the process, it is a good idea to have a budget in mind. According to the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation, the overall monthly rent in the province for a standard space is around $3,000 per month. The vacancy rate for a standard space in retirement homes is approximately 16.7% in 2019, and the overall vacancy rate in the province is 13.9%. The vacancy rate for standard spaces was highest in residences that opened in 2000 or later, and they also charged higher rent.

Independent living in Saskatchewan means the resident lives on their own in a home, apartment, or condo can take care of themselves. When choosing independent living along with the budget, it is important to have a region of the province selected to live in. Most seniors that choose independent living want to live close to the amenities and services they need. For example, this would include shopping, walking trails, churches, health care, food stores. Independent living is excellent for active seniors who do not need help with the activities of daily life. Other forms of housing include social housing, and the social housing program in the province serves households with low incomes, and priority is given to seniors aged 55 and older. The senior housing program in the province provides rental housing to individuals or couples aged 55 and older. The program is available to seniors living in small communities that are ineligible for social housing. The Life Lease Program provides individuals and couples aged 55 and older flexibility and opportunities that are not available with homeownership. The program is ideal for seniors who want relief from homeownership, downsize into a smaller home, and fewer maintenance responsibilities.

When searching for assisted living programs in Saskatchewan, it is crucial to consider the level of care required. Assisted living in the province generally refers to the provision of housing and services, allowing residents to age in place. Residents can direct their care and can make decisions but have access to addiction care supports when needed. Personal care homes in Saskatchewan provide lodging, meals, and assistance with or supervision of the activities of daily living. Some personal care homes offer more support than others. Additionally, the number of residents in a facility vary greatly, from one or two to more than one hundred. Within the province, personal care homes are privately owned and operated businesses that are licensed under the Personal Care Homes Act. Also, the Ministry of Health is responsible for licensing and monitoring care homes.


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