Alberta Senior, Assisted and Independent Living Housing Options

Senior living options in Alberta include assisted living, independent living, and retirement homes. Throughout the province, there are high-quality options for individuals looking to move from their current living situation into something more accommodating for aging adults.

List of Senior Living Facilities in Alberta

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Choosing Independent or Assisted Living Services in Alberta

Independent living in Alberta provides residents with many opportunities, such as different luxuries and amenities. Some independent living facilities may offer house-keeping services, transportation, laundry, and planned social events. Independent living communities are typically for active seniors who require no assistance with the activities of daily life. Retirement homes are also excellent options and provide numerous amenities and services. For example, this may include communal dining, communal living with peers, and house-keeping, and other in-home services. When choosing independent living, it is important to consider the location, amenities, services, and have a budget in mind. Some of the many benefits of independent living are safety and security, social interaction, opportunities to stay active and busy, and excellent amenities.

Retiring in Alberta is an excellent option and is affordable financially. The province does not have a provincial sales tax, and two of the largest cities Edmonton and Calgary, provide everything a person requires. Seniors who enjoy the outdoors will benefit from close proximity to the Rocky Mountains, Banff National Park, Jasper Park, and countless hiking trails and camping sites. When choosing the best place for retirement, most people consider the level of care they need. Also, it is a good idea to consider the addition of certain amenities and services and improve the feeling of well-being. Once you have determined what your needs and costs are, the next step is deciding on a budget. Overall, there is something for everyone within the province, and retiring in Alberta offers excellent opportunities.

Assisted living in Alberta are communities that are offered throughout the province. Within cities like Edmonton and Calgary, seniors can access different assisted living amenities. Also, the smaller cities, towns, and the countryside provide excellent opportunities for assisted living. Assisted living provides residents with the senior care they need to live independently but have assistance with the tasks of daily life. Residents live in a home-like environment, and these communities vary significantly by size and services. Most assisted living facilities are typical in providing meals, housekeeping, and social activities. The Alberta Senior Citizen Housing Association represents 60% of the senior living sector within the province. The organization serves 30,000 plus seniors across the province and represents the full spectrum of senior housing options.

The cost of assisted living in the province varies, and it depends on the needs of the client, location of the community, size of the room, and other services. The average monthly cost is $2,800 per month, and when choosing assisted living, it is important to consider the level of care and any future needs or a higher level of care in the future. Within the province of Alberta, assisted living must be licensed under the Supportive Living Accommodation Licensing Act and meet the Supportive Living Accommodations Standards.


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