Can I Continue My Home Health Care While Living in an Assisted Living Facility?

Last updated on: Friday, 5 May 2023

Prior to moving into an assisted living facility, an individual may have a home health care professional helping them with their medical needs. Most centers will allow you to continue the use of home health care while staying at their facility. Depending on your medical needs, the use of home health care aides is necessary to be eligible to stay at a particular center. That being said, utilizing a third-party home health care service needs to be coordinated with the assisted living facility before moving in. This reason for this is because certain states have guidelines to the scope of care a third-party agency can provide. If your medical needs are extensive and you require a large amount of home health care services, it may make you ineligible to stay at certain facilities. If you currently utilize home healthcare services, discuss your treatment plan with prospective assisted living facilities to ensure they are able to accommodate your needs and your services do not conflict with their policies or policies from the state in which you reside.