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Can a Terminally Ill Patient Stay in an Assisted Living Facility?

When an individual is terminally ill, they have an illness that is incurable, and it will persist until the individual has passed away. Though not all facilities are equipped to handle such illnesses, if an individual is already under the care of a center that can handle their needs, they may be able to stay. Not all terminal illnesses are the same or require the same amount of care, so in some cases an individual can remain in an assisted living facility if their needs are being taken care of. That being said, if an individual’s condition puts other tenants or staff members at risk, they may be asked to seek a higher level of care. It is important to check a center’s ability to handle this because if they are ill equipped to handle certain terminal illnesses, then it can make a difficult situation even worse. Talk to prospective facilities about their guidelines regarding terminal illnesses so you are prepared if this unfortunate situation arises.

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