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Are Pets Allowed in Assisted Living Facilities?

Pet policies differ for every facility. While some facilities allow pets and others don’t, there are some facilities that only allow specific types of pets. Some facilities may not allow pets but have partnerships with local shelters. This entails the shelter bringing animals to visit which allows for the healthy companionship animals bring without the responsibility that comes along with it. There are also facilities that have pets that live on the grounds that interact with residence and are taken care of by the staff. If having animal companionship is a must, there are plenty of options available out there, so just contact the facility to see how they accommodate this.

That being said, a facility’s policy should not be the only determining factor to decide whether your loved one brings their pet or not. It is important to take the needs of the animal into consideration. If the animal is used to being outside often or doesn’t do well around new people, it might be best to consider other options for where the animal should go.

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