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Are All Assisted Living Facilities the Same?

No, assisted living facilities vary tremendously. Not only does each state have different guidelines on what constitutes an assisted living facility, within each state you’ll find a wide array of different assisted living options. You see, each state has minimal requirements on what makes a center qualify to be an assisted living facility. Some centers meet the minimal demands necessary while others go above and beyond to provide the best experience for their residents. There are others that fall in the middle. The amenities and services provided by a center can definitely be a plus, but do not base your decision on what center has the most; base it on what center is the best. Some centers that only meet the minimum requirements to be an assisted living facility can actually provide better care and be more attentive than a center with countless services and amenities. Do your due diligence to explore all your options and make your decision after experiencing the facilities for yourself.

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