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Last updated on: Friday, 5 May 2023
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Excellent Care, Decency, and Optimal Living (ECDOL) is a website created to help individuals find the right care for themselves and their loved ones. We provide detailed information on Assisted Living and other senior care options, to help you in your important decision. At ECDOL, we understand that this decision can be challenging, so we do our best to make things easier. We have a nationwide directory of Assisted Living Facilities and senior care, so you can search for options anywhere in the United States and in Canada. To complement this directory, our website provides general information, frequently asked questions (FAQs), tips, and insightful articles. We aim to be the most comprehensive senior care website available. The use of this website is offered at no charge to you or your family. If you have any additional questions, comments, or concerns regarding senior care options or our website, feel free to contact us anytime at Communications@ECDOL.org



Marcel Gemme | Founder & CEO

Michael Leach | CCMA & Medical Reviewer

Nicholas Hayes | Writer


Nicole L. | VP Finance

Marie Michelle G. | VP Operations

Claudia G. | Director of Technology

Karine G. | Director of Production

Vicky G. | Production Officer