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Washington D.C Natural Gas Suppliers

Natural gas is a non-renewable energy resource. It is used as a source by both the residential and commercial sectors, for heating, cooking and electricity generation. It is also used as fuel for vehicles and commercially as the main power source of a lot of industries. Since natural gas is a non-renewable energy resource, it means that it can run out in the future. Natural gas is not just the cleanest fossil fuel but it is also a reliable, efficient, affordable heating source. It hardly gives off any harmful gasses and hence its combustion generally results in less air pollution.

Like many states in the East Coast, the District of Columbia’s natural gas market is deregulated. The Natural Gas Policy Act took the first steps towards deregulating the natural gas market and since then several events led up to the final deregulation act. Natural gas in the District of Columbia became deregulated in the 1990s. It meant that consumers could now choose their natural gas provider. Consumers were no longer forced to receive supply from the utility, and they had to power to choose a supplier that suited their budged the most.

Due to deregulation, the natural gas market opened up and allowed competitive suppliers to enter the market. There soon were a lot of natural providers in the market, each offering different offers and rates. As the competition between the suppliers grew, the high prices of natural gas became low and affordable for the consumers.

Natural gas deregulation has allowed consumers to buy their energy supply from an energy provider of their choice. They can choose from a wide variety of energy providers in the market and the utility company is now no longer the only option for energy supply. Due to the increasing competition in the natural gas market, the suppliers are coming up with new ways to offer cheaper, reasonable prices in order to attract more consumers. The providers also started offering better customer services as a way to get more consumers. They offer different rates, deals and offers from which the consumers choose what suits their budget the most. The providers also started offering better customer services as a way to get more consumers. In this way, by comparing offers from different natural and suppliers and selecting the right provider, the consumers do not have to overpay for their home/business energy needs and can save a lot of money on their energy bills. The consumers could also opt for providers that support green energy, and hence contribute to a cleaner, greener environment. In short, shifting to different electricity suppliers meant that consumers had more power over their energy plans and could benefit from the lower rates.

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List of Natural Gas Suppliers in Washington D.C