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Natural Gas Suppliers in Rhode Island

Natural gas is a widely used energy source. It is the cleanest burning fossil fuel. Natural gas is economic as well as efficient. It is used both commercially and residentially for a lot of purposes; heating, cooking, electricity generation, etc. It is also used as a fuel for cars and is the main power source for many industries. It is easy to store, transport and supply. Natural gas burns efficiently and its combustion hardly emits any harmful pollutants, which means that it doesn’t contribute to air pollution. Natural gas is a non-renewable energy resource.

In Rhode Island, natural gas is deregulated. This means that consumers have the option to choose their energy supplier. Deregulation opened up the natural gas market and allowed competitive suppliers to enter the market. Each supplier offered different offers and rates, and there were soon a large number of energy companies. As the competition between the suppliers grew, the high prices of natural gas became low and affordable for the consumers. By opting for a provider of their choice, consumers had the opportunity to reduce their bills by a large amount.

Natural gas is a widely used energy source in Rhode Island. In 2015, natural gas accounted for 95% of Rhode Island's net electricity generation.Most of the natural gas consumed in the Rhode Island goes to the electric power sector. With time, natural gas is becoming the main source for electric power generation. Natural gas also accounts for the heating of almost half of the houses in Rhode Island, and is commercially used by many industries as a power source.

Natural gas deregulation made room for many new, innovative companies to put forward their ideas in the energy market. They offered cheaper rates, better deals and outstanding customer services to the consumers. There were a lot of energy companies to choose from in the market.In order to win customers, the energy companies offered attractive deals and some of them shifted to plans that included green energy. Consumers could compare the offers and deals from different providers and then choose the one that best suited their budget. In this way they no longer had to over pay for their energy needs, and they could opt for energy companies that offered cheaper, reasonable prices. They could save money on their energy bills and showcase their support for companies that offered environmentally friendly deals.

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List of Natural Gas Suppliers in Rhode Island