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Natural Gas Suppliers in New York

New York city has always tried to stay ahead of its game and make sure that life for its residents is as good as it can possible be. It made sure to deregulate electricity in 1996, but the deregulation of the gas markets in New York actually began in the middle of 1980’s. Initially, only those larger industrial and customers were allowed to switch their gas supplier who could switch between burning natural gas and oil. This proved successful so this right was also given to industries that only used natural gas by 1994.

In the May of 1996, New York Public Service Commission started the long process of unbundling the natural gas service of its regular consumers. The charges of delivering the aforementioned natural gas were then separated from the actual charges of the natural gas itself. This enabled the consumers to start ordering their natural gas from ESCOs which are Energy Service Companies.

Since 1996, hundreds of thousands of commercial, residential, and industrial consumers have taken advantage of this and have switched their gas suppliers from their utility to an Energy Service Company other than their utility. As of a study of 2008, more than 600,000 gas consumers have shifted from their utility to another gas supplier. Gas supply is still delivered by the utility, and if people choose to not change their supplier, their utility is still the default provider of gas. This utility then becomes the ‘benchmark’ of sorts for pricing in the gas market. It typically changes each month, which generally means customers do not have fixed and stable prices. This is why an ESCO is important, because it gives a locked-in natural gas supply price/rate.

Since the utility is still responsible for delivering the gas no matter who you are purchasing it from, it is also responsible for any issues and complaints. It is easy to switch from your utility to an ESCO. Usually, it takes one or two billing months to get that change done and it is, more often than not, incredibly easy and hassle free for the customer.


In certain areas of New York, you have the option of getting a single bill from the utility that is your default utility which will list both your delivery charges as well as the ESCO supply charges, Otherwise, you can choose two separate bills: one from the utility for delivery, and one from the ESCO for the gas you bought. This option was supported by the Public Service Commission of New York to facilitate its residents.  

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List of Natural Gas Suppliers in New York