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Natural Gas Suppliers in Massachusetts

The Natural Gas Policy Act passed by Congress in 1989 allowed customers to choose their own natural gas suppliers. One of the states who have been implementing this act is the state of Massachusetts. Deregulation allowed different companies to invest in major energy plants which not only create revenue for the state but also gives the customers a variety of suppliers to choose from. The companies in return enhance their products to appeal to a bigger population. Under the act, only distribution charges are applicable to any company selling gas to consumers. The supply charges remain uniform under the regulation of the committee set by the state. In Massachusetts, the gas suppliers compete in terms of distribution prices which is a great chance for consumers to compare and buy natural gas according to the needs and budget.

In Massachusetts, the Natural Gas Policy Act is implemented under the care of the Department of Public Utilities' Gas Division. The Gas division overlooks the distribution of gas statewide. It not only overlooks the gas suppliers but they are also responsible for the regulation of the eight-functional investor owned gas companies which are currently the biggest providers in Massachusetts. Various duties of the Gas Division include, reviewing the forecast and supplying plan filings. The also overlook the long-term supply contracts including numerous non-tariffed contracts for the sale and transportation of natural gas. They are also responsible for managing the energy efficiency programs. The Gas Division also takes care of the Cost of Gas Adjustment filings which decide the rates consumers are charged for the gas commodity. That also includes monitoring the rates offered by the gas suppliers statewide to ensure that their rates are according to the market.

Natural Gas is one of the greenest options if we look at its significance from the environmental point of view. It barely gives any harmful gases as it burns. It is one of the most conveniently available resources and fuel. The Gas Division makes sure that the consumers in Massachusetts continue to enjoy economic and environmental benefits that natural gas use offers. Furthermore, the gas provided by the companies are also regulated in quality. The Gas Division ensures that the Massachusetts’ consumers have the best and uniform supply of natural gas available in all the possible setups including domestic, industrial and commercial. Massachusetts Energy and Environmental Affairs allows the consumers to choose from a list of approved suppliers by the state. 

The listing below is sorted by cities in alphabetic order.

List of Natural Gas Suppliers in Massachusetts