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Natural Gas Suppliers in Maryland

Natural Gas is one of nature’s abundant resources that have numerous benefits for the human race. Not only is it safe to use, it is also one of the oldest natural resource that has been used in the functioning of domestic, industrial and commercial setups. The reason being that it is easy to transport and supply. It is also economic and most of all, it may be the most pro-green energy source in the current natural sources available for customers’ use.

Before 1989, the natural gas was provided by the state utility regulation and supply agencies. Under these agencies, a state office would supply the whole state citizens with the natural gas supply at a regulated rate and uniform technology. That all changed when the Congress approved a act that stated that the natural gas will be dysregulated hence deregulation and under that deregulation, the state utility supply will not be supplying the natural gas. The natural gas companies will compete for providing the customers with natural gas.

The state of Maryland also implements this act, under which the customers in Maryland are free to choose their own natural gas supplier. Different companies offer competitive rates to the customers including companies like Constellation Energy Group, Inc.,Columbia Gas  and WGL offer competitive rates according to the areas and budgets. The companies offer the customers price ranges at economic rates that are suitable for the customers. The remaining concerns are taken care of by the regulation board in Maryland. The Maryland Office of People's Counsel makes sure that the companies that are distributing the natural gas at a regulated rate. The regulation of prices is important as they supply is set at a regulated rate and the companies can only charge the price of the distribution.

The Maryland Office of People's Counsel makes sure that the customers are getting regulated prices from their natural gas provider. They also make sure that the companies are providing all quality products to the customers as well. The Counsel provides list of all the suppliers of natural gas in the state where the regulated prices are stated for each company. The customers can analyze and compare the services and prices from the companies and choose the supplier that is best suited to their needs. The state of Maryland has also given it’s residents the option to report any kind of rule breaking set by the Maryland state standards. 

The listing below is sorted by cities in alphabetic order.

List of Natural Gas Suppliers in Maryland