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Natural Gas Suppliers in Illinois

When the 1998 Illinois energy deregulation targeted the hiking prices of electricity in the state of Illinois, it also targeted the prices of the gas market. This 1998 law also ended up deregulating the gas market of Illinois and thereby allowed residential, commercial, and industrial consumers of natural gas to choose which gas supplying company they preferred.

Essentially, there is a default gas provider of each area. According to your locale, you are assigned a utility in your area that is responsible for supplying your electricity and gas. After this deregulation was practically implemented, consumers had the right to switch from their assigned utility to alternative gas suppliers. The utility was still responsible for delivering this gas, answering any complaints, solving any issues, and billing the consumer. People that did not wish to switch from their gas supplier could obviously stay with their utility.

The deregulation of natural gas markets in Illinois gave way to competitive pricing. Costumers could now drastically reduce their gas bill by choosing an alternative supplier.  The competition in the market would obviously end up lowering prices and helping consumers in the state save a lot of money on their gas bills.

The problem with utilities is that they are regulated by an agency within a state. Certain changes to rates are inevitable and fixed contracts are not allowed. Alternative gas suppliers in the competitive gas market can help customers by providing fixed rates. A report issues by the Illinois Manufacturers’ Association, Illinois Retail Merchants Association, Illinois Chamber of Commerce and the Illinois Business Roundtable claimed that ““Illinois’ decision to competitively restructure its natural gas and electricity markets has been emphatically vindicated by the results.”


Former head of Illinois Power Agency, Mark Pruitt, claims that shopping around for a good gas plan can be incredibly difficult. Unless your gas bill makes up for a lot of your monthly or yearly expenditures, there is absolutely no need to go around looking for competitive gas suppliers. Most would disagree with this gentleman. Each cent can end up piling up and turning into a large amount. What might seem like a negligible difference in monthly or yearly bills can actually end up saving you thousands of dollars over the years. It may take a little more effort to go out of your way and search for pricing that beats market price, but if done so in a well enough manner, can actually prove to be incredibly fruitful. 

The listing below is sorted by cities in alphabetic order.

List of Natural Gas Suppliers in Illinois