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Natural Gas Suppliers in Connecticut

Once the act for deregulation of natural gas was approved, various states in the U.S. allowed the natural gas customers to switch from utility natural gas customers to suppliers of their own choice. The state of Connecticut also implied the act but in parts.

In Illinois, under the guidance of the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA), only the industrial and commercial users are allowed to choose their own natural gas supplier. They can choose a PURA approved company to provide them natural gas. The domestic users are not allowed to choose their own natural gas supplier. They will be provided natural gas by the local utility. Even the industrial and commercial users in Illinois depend on the transportation system. The transportation system allows them to buy gas from third-party marketers which will then be regulated by the local utility company which will continue to deliver the gas.


PURA takes care that the customers are only approached by the approved companies. The three major suppliers that operate in Connecticut include, Connecticut Natural Gas Corporation, The Southern Connecticut Gas Company, and Eversource. These three companies provide the citizens of Connecticut natural gas at competitive rates. These three companies provide natural gas to 600,000 customers in 118 of the 169 towns in Connecticut via their distribution system. This distribution system allows them to provide natural gas to their customers in their own designated areas. While the supply rates are regulated by PURA, the distribution charges for the companies vary. PURA is also responsible for observing the trends in volatility of gas prices, increased demand for gas, availability and cost of liquid natural gas and rate design. It also takes care of the gas supply, constrained pipeline capacity into Connecticut, affiliate transactions, transportation service, cost-of-service, and revenue requirements.

While the natural gas system in Connecticut is not an elaborate one, many do believe that unlike other states, the deregulation principle can work out. Other states derive major revenue from domestic users. Home owners who comprise of a large number of the earnings pulled in by the natural gas supplying companies. The eradication by PURA to keep the deregulation act restricted to the industrial and commercial use. That means that the majority of the gas consumers are out of option but to use the local utility. Even the commercial and industrial consumers will have to rely on local utility to avail the transportation system. 

The listing below is sorted by cities in alphabetic order.

List of Natural Gas Suppliers in Connecticut