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The process of stabilizing prices for both gas and electricity stared during the Great Depression with the Federal Power act (1935), the Natural Gas Act (1938) and the Public Utilities Holding Company Act (1935). The energy crisis of the seventies brought with it the start of the deregulation process, in accordance with the Natural Gas Policy Act of 1978. The natural gas prices were deregulated by The Natural Gas Wellhead Decontrol Act of 1989 and then the Energy Policy Act of 1992 began the deregulation of electricity. All of these acts are just a few steps along the way in which the United States of America has embraced consumer choice and has attempted to better the energy sector and markets for both producers and consumers. Due to these acts, by the start of the 2000s, at least 23 states had deregulated their energy markets and has allowed competitive markets to lower prices of energy.

The natural gas market of Texas has been deregulated in order to allow customers and consumers of natural gas to choose from amongst various gas suppliers in the market. This choice enables them to make a well informed decision about what suits them and their needs bets and what costs them less as well. This option leaves the customers with a chance to save money by reducing their gas bills by 10-30 percent depending on their usage and the supplier they choose.

As with all the states, the utility of that area is still responsible for the delivery of the gas, the maintenance of the infrastructure, billing the client, and answering all complaints and queries. The switch from utility to alternative gas supplier is also an easy one that does not take long. All you need to do is get the relevant information from your utility and go along with the procedure. Usually the switch takes between 15-60 days but sometimes your switch can actually be done within one billing month. The best time for anyone to negotiate a contract is definitely not when it is about to expire. Prices may be high and you might end up going into a loss. Try to lock a low price utility into a contract by negotiating well before your existing contract expires.

Unlike some states, this choice is not limited to a certain faction of society. Residents, small business owners, large business owners, and even industrial consumers can take advantage of this deregulation.