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Washington D.C Green Energy

The green energy power revolution is slowly but surely taking America by storm. More and more states are reviewing the way they produce energy, and are making sure that they produce as much green energy as is possible. They are also trying to motivate scientists and engineers to innovate and create newer and better forms and methods of energy production.

Currently in Washington, the renewable energy sector has faced a lot of success. About 92% of Washington’s energy is produced from renewable sources. This in itself is a shocking 11 percent of U.S.’s renewable energy that is being produced.

There are many sources for generating Green Energy. Among them are Biomass, Wind, Water, and Sunlight. Currently, Hydropower, which is electricity generated by flowing water that turns turbines, accounts for most of Washington’s electricity generation. The main problem with hydropower generation is the lack of geographical support. Now, with technology to support them, infrastructure and landscape has been modified to support hydropower generation. That is exactly why Washington is currently trying to innovate and diversify hydropower generation as well as all other forms and sources of renewable energy generation as well.

One major issue that comes under the ambit of renewable energy production is the fact that a lot of companies do not want to venture out into it when they can make a lot more profit in traditional methods of producing electricity. To counter this, the state of Washington offers tax incentives, production incentives, as well as a renewable portfolio standard. This ensures that businesses and companies that are scared to go into this have enough of an incentive to still make a profit while venturing out of their comfort zones. It’s a two-way benefit. The environment can be protected by the State doing its job, and these companies can still get to make profit.

The state of Washington has been going out of its way to ensure development of green energy, and an example of this is the 2014 Clean Energy Fund which awarded nearly 14 million dollars as grants to three utilities. This was done so to ensure that these three utilities would develop grid-scale energy storage for renewable energy sources. While Washington is currently the largest Hydropower produce in the entire United States of America, it is still working on using all of its rivers and streams to improve and increase hydropower generation. 

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