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Texas Green Energy

For a state that has had a rich history with oil and fossil fuels, it is incredibly difficult to accept the fact that nearly half of the energy coming into the grid was coming from wind turbines. Most people in Texas are still against renewable energy, but are blissfully unaware of just how important it has become to their electricity marketplace.

In most of Texas, the electricity market has been deregulated. This gives consumers the ability to choose from various electricity suppliers in the competitive marketplace and save themselves a lot of money in electricity bills. This is exceptionally great for the renewable energy market because it can now open up its services to potential customers and encourage them to learn more about renewable energy.

Interestingly enough, renewable energy cost less to produce than nonrenewable energy. That in itself is a mind blowing fact, especially for a conservative are such as Texas. This is exactly why officials decided to make a deal with SunEdison which would ensure that by January 2017, all the electricity coming into the city’s service areas would be coming from wind and solar energy sources. Not only was this a smart move in terms of saving money, but it also raised awareness about the importance of renewable energy sources.

In 2014, a 2o year agreement was signed with EDF that would focus on wind generated power. SunEdison aimed at building a lot of plants in western Texas that would provide Georgetown with solar power. Currently, the area near New Mexico is actually the most prime resource area for wind energy. The state of Texas is actually America’s largest producer of wind energy and is, ironically, also leading the nation in the emission of greenhouse gases.

Because of the fact that renewable energy production takes up much less water, it is ideal for a state such as Texas. A lot of areas are prone to droughts which is why this form of energy is a great way of dealing with the resources you have in the best possible way. Texas currently has the most wind produce energy, the best infrastructure, the best areas, and the best market opportunities as well for green energy solutions to prosper. All that is needed is a little educational reform that can explain to people just how necessary these renewable energy sources really are, especially in an area as suited for them as Texas. 

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List of Green Energy Suppliers in Texas