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Green Energy in Rhode Island

How the Green scene in Rhode Island energy is helping towards saving the environment

It is an undeniable that climate change is real, environmental deterioration is real and we are responsible for it. That is real and the remedial effort is already underway. Citizens of United States are also actively participating in taking step toward saving the environment. Many states have established green energy programs that are being provided by green energy companies.

These green energy programs in Rhode Island are also state of the art and thriving. Energy companies are aware of the New England weather and condition and they have shaped their green programs around that. Rhode Island's Public Utilities Restructuring Act of 1996 enabled the creation of nation's first public benefits fund (PBF) for renewable energy and demand-side management (DSM). Under the act, the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation (Commerce RI) formerly known as the Economic Development Corporation (RIEDC) is responsible for overlooking the Rhode Island Renewable Energy Fund's (RIREF) renewable-energy component.

The public benefits fund is supported with the help of a surcharge which comes from the electric and gas consumer bills. This funding helps in improving the renewable energy and DSM programs. With the help of these funds, RIREF supports four program areas: Small-Scale Solar, Commercial Development, Pre-Development Feasibility Studies, and Early Stage Commercialization. 

Programs like New England Power Pool (NEPOOL) are eligible for payment under the RIREF. NEPOOL controls area that generate electricity using solar, solar thermal, solar space-heating, wind, wave, tidal, ocean-thermal, geothermal, hydro or sustainably-managed biomass resources. Other projects that are eligible for funding include fuel cells and microturbines using renewable fuels.

Green energy companies in Rhode Island encourage the citizens to enroll in green programs which will make their energy resources useful for the environment. These programs will make sure that you will get the utilities at an economic and regulated rate. In addition, they will also make sure to make the best use of your bill’s money to finance and promote green energy projects. These bills collectively form a budget that finances the entire programs which in return helps in the distribution of clean and green energy in to the citizens of Rhode Island. Under the act, the RIREF is responsible for overlooking the funding project so the consumers do not have to worry about paying extra bills for their green energy. All they have to do is convert to a green program, enroll and pay the bill. 

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List of Green Energy Suppliers in Rhode Island