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Green Energy in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has been one of the states that has thoroughly been pushing through with green energy initiatives. Pennsylvania nearly added 1.4 gigawatts of clean energy and also landed huge investments of 3.5 billion from 2009 to 2013 according to a report by Pew Charitable Trusts. The next few projects aimed at saving the earth will add a whopping 5 gigawatts to the total energy pool of the state along with attracting a massive investment in this sector.

Pennsylvania's largest source of renewable energy is wind energy followed by hydropower. Wind power production is at an all-time high in the state, gaining popularity and yielding higher outputs than most energy sources. The use of hydropower enables the state to cut down on pollution caused by energy production and at a cheaper rate than most forms of energy production. The state has also started investing in solar energy and it has now becoming a growing industry that is gaining importance day by day. Compared to other states Pennsylvania is ranked 11th in solar capacity, producing 212 megawatts. When it came to attracting such endeavors, the state has given a massive opportunity to energy companies to become increasingly popular.

Further initiatives tend to focus on providing more energy from such sources. Plans by the state include an aim to increase the total energy production from green sources to 18% of the state’s energy by the next 4 years. Pennsylvania has its own standards of letting companies from other states operate in their state. Clearly giving away so many economic opportunities for people in their own state. Putting a dent in the number of people willing to invest in the sector.

Achieving the goal of eliminating harmful methods of producing energy, the government actively takes part in awareness campaigns and a call for energy usage reduction from industries to mall to schools. These awareness campaigns also pave way for the future and the goals the state has set out for themselves to achieve.

The state intends on going green in the next 20 years. These aims require a lot of effort and a lot of investment. The state looks towards all sorts of individuals and corporations to invest in the cause. Hopefully, they will achieve their goals and give green energy to their citizens.

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List of Green Energy Suppliers in Pennsylvania