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Ohio Green Energy

The state of Ohio is trying to protect the environment and produce cost effective and harmless alternative energy solutions for its businesses and residents. With natural resources such as solar energy, wind, and water etc. a lot of renewable energy can be created. Currently most of Ohio’s electricity is being produced by coal, nuclear energy, and natural gas. While these natural resources are free and can ensure a lot of profit, they are also extremely rare, constantly depleting, and take a lot of time to be replenished in the ecosystem. It is far better for the environment that renewable energy sources be used and promoted.

These renewable resources include:

1.      Wind

Wind turbines use the wind force and wind speed to turn turbines. These turbines are connected to generators and these generators produce electricity.

2.     Water

Hydropower generation works by using the flow of water to turn turbines which are connected to generators. These generators produce electricity. Dams, rivers, and other sources of flowing water can be used to generate this sort of energy. Currently, hydroelectric power along with other forms of renewable energy only account for 2.3 percent of electricity generation in Ohio.

3.     Sunlight

Sunlight is used in both solar power cells and photovoltaic cells. While both sound similar, they actually work slightly differently. One uses mechanical equipment, while the latter does not need any. These types of devices are used on small and on large scales, with large industries using them to save electricity costs and households using the to heat up water etc.

4.     Biomass

This includes flammable gas that comes out of sewage, wood, wood wastes, biogas and landfill gas, animal waste, energy crops, and even processing waste of food. All of these can be used to generate electricity. This not only saves the environment by cutting down on the waste being produced, but it also creates renewable energy.

5.     Geothermal energy

This is the usage of the heat that is underneath the surface of the earth. This heath naturally transforms water into steam and this steam is then used in steam turbineplants to generate power.

All of these forms of renewable energy sources are currently being father developed and are being utilized in Ohio as well as in other states. Be it at a slow rate, this trend towards renewable energy can help save money as well as save the entire planet as well. 

The listing below is sorted by cities in alphabetic order.

List of Green Energy Suppliers in Ohio