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Green Energy in New York

The state of New York has worked hard to make life for its residents as good as is possible. While adding all advancements of technology to the state, it has also realized the need for protecting the environment and promoting renewable energy sources. This is exactly why New York is constantly working on improving the green energy sector and maximizing renewable energy in its applications.

It is estimated that about 23 percent of the state’s electric power is supplied by various renewable energy sources such as hydroelectric power, win generated power, biomass and even solar resources. Why this renewable energy is needed in the market is because not only does it save the environment, it also creates jobs in the market, and also lowers the price of electricity in the deregulated electricity markets. New York is, as of now, America’s fifth largest user of renewable green electric power.

Here are the ways in which each work and how they have been used by New York:

1.      Hydroelectric power

Hydroelectric power plants use the energy of falling water to turn turbines that generate electricity. New York, according to the International Energy Association, is ranked fourth in total installed hydropower capacity.

Currently, a lot of large hydroelectric generation plants and numerous smaller hydro plants are being operated in New York.

2.     Wind power

This form of power generation uses wind to turn turbines which generate electricity. The growth of wind power was slow. In 2007 wind generated power was only 3 percent of New York’s renewable energy i.e. specifically electric power but in a few years New York was declared and ranked eleventh in the nation in the use of wind generated power.

3.     Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Power

This technology captures light from the sun and directly generates electricity from it. This is all done without any mechanical equipment. The International Energy Association stated in 2010 that solar energy generation capacity of New York was the seventh in the entire nation.

4.    Solar Panels

Surprisingly, solar panels are different from solar photovoltaic technology. They are usually used as a part of an entire building wide system such as that of heating. Not only is it extremely cost effective, but it is also popular amongst designers and profitable for people.

5.     Biomass


Biomass can be used to generate power as well. New York’s farmlands and sewage treatment plants are a great source of biomass and if plants and generation facilities are more aptly constructed, then a lot of electricity can be generated through biomass i.e. by burning wood or combusting methane rich biogas.

The listing below is sorted by cities in alphabetic order.

List of Green Energy Suppliers in New York