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Green Energy in New Jersey

 The usage and application of Green Energy has tripled in just the last two years. New Jersey is one of the states that is incredibly intent in its strife against the pollution in the environment, which is why it is such a strong proponent of any form of Green Energy. It is due to that very aim to save the environment and contribute towards a better future for society that the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities’ Office of Clean Energy has created CleanPower Choice.

CleanPower Choice enables people to choose renewable energy sources such as solar energy, low-impact, small hydro power, wind power, and landfill gas power. The NJNG purchases all of its electricity needs through CleanPower Choice, and all households on New Jersey are supposed to follow in its footsteps. It is stated that each household that signs up for this program and gets renewable energy, actually ends up avoiding carbon dioxide emissions by over 10,000 pounds per year, which is equal to panting over 1 acre of trees. That incentive is incredibly inviting for anyone.

There are three main ways in which this initiative is creating and providing energy to its customers i.e. wind energy, solar energy, and biomass energy. Here are the ways in which each work and have been implemented:

1.       Solar energy

In this process, Photovoltaic solar cells convert sunlight that falls onto them into electricity without making any noise, without moving, and without emitting any chemicals that cause pollution. All of this is done via a series of chemical reactions within the cell. This can power things as simple as watches to things as complex as full home lightings and electric grids, depending on the capacity of the cell.

NJNG ended up bringing solar energy to Island Beach State Park. Through a collaboration with GeoGenix, New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU), and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, a 10 kilowatt PV system was installed on top of the roof of the Bathhouse Pavilion One that could heat water for showers and sinks. It reduces electric consumption at the park by 28 percent.

2.       Wind Energy

Wind is a great source of generating renewable energy. Turbines turned by wind create electricity via a connection with an electricity generator. These systems are available both residentially and commercially.

3.       Biomass Energy


Plant waste, animal waste, organic matter etc. all can make biomass energy. Direct combustion technology enables us to use the biomass in order to produce heat which is then used to create steam. This steam turns turbines and produces electricity. 

The listing below is sorted by cities in alphabetic order.

List of Green Energy Suppliers in New Jersey