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Business Energy Suppliers in Texas

The energy market of Texas was deregulated in 2002. Before that, residents of Texas had no other option than to buy energy from the utility, but ever since deregulation took place, energy consumers had to option to choose from several electric companies that supply electricity to homes and businesses. Just like choosing a mobile connection, consumers could choose the supplier of their choice and then choose the packages or deals that best suited them financially.

The biggest advantage of deregulation was that it brought competition in the energy market. Since there were a large number of energy companies in the market, they all had to compete with each other in order to become the best company out there. That increasing competition led the energy suppliers to come up with attractive deals that would bring in more customers. They all competed to offer the cheapest, most reasonable energy rates. They also started offer better customer services as a way to satisfy the consumers.

Some of the suppliers offered packages that were specific for businesses- the “business energy plans”. They used the latest technology and the most environmentally friendly energy generation methods as a way to attract more companies to buy their energy supply from them. Some energy supplies even started using 100% renewable energy. Buy buying their energy from a company that used green energy sources, businesses could show their support for eco-friendly energy plans. The suppliers also brought newer ideas to the energy market and started selling innovative electric products.

Excellent customer service and affordable energy plans are just some of the reasons for businesses in Texas to buy energy from the energy companies rather than utility. There are also other perks offered by some suppliers, like offering free energy during certain hours of the day or night. Some suppliers also allow their customers to choose their energy plan; from fixed rate to variable rate to green energy plans, consumers had the choice to opt for package that best meets their needs.


To become the best energy supplying company in the market, some suppliers even offer their customers extra rewards like cash, gift cards and other bonuses. They have special sales tactics and some even have an online presence. The business suppliers let the businesses choose from a wide variety of packages and choose the ideal one for their budget and energy needs.  

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List of Business Energy Suppliers in Texas