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Business Energy Suppliers in Maine

Since 2000, residents in Maine have the power to choose their energy provider. The utilities where were earlier the only source to get their energy supply were now just one of the various options in the market. Customers could choose from a wide variety of energy suppliers, all offering different rates and deals.

The increasing competition between the different energy suppliers has greatly benefited the businesses in Maine, not just by offering them lower energy rates but also through more environmental friendly renewable energy choices. In order to get more businesses to choose them as their energy provider, some competing suppliers have shifted to using 100% renewable energy, or “green energy”. Green energy is energy generated from natural sources like sunlight, wind, hydropower, biomass or geothermal heat, and it is the cleanest form of energy generation out there. It doesn’t pollute the environment. By offering for these suppliers, businesses can show their support for eco-friendly energy plans and in general help the environment.

The business energy suppliers also offer different types of plans, like fixed or variable rates that differ in term length. Some also offer customized business plans, which let the business owners choose some of the terms and condition.  Just like a telephone plan, businesses can choose their supplier and then choose their “package” which best suits their budget and energy needs. The competition between the suppliers has also resulted in them offer better customer services. They also offer more customer rights and in general are more flexible with the energy deals with their customers. Some business energy suppliers also offer additional rewards like gift cards, cash, bonuses and free energy during certain times of the day or night. This constant race between the energy suppliers benefits not only the residents and businesses in Maine, but it also benefits the state in general. It has led to more energy being produced but in eco-friendly ways. It has also led to a great decrease in the energy rates which in turn has allowed the residents of Maine to save up money on their energy bills.

It is very easy to shift to a different supplier. Business owners simply have to compare the rates and deals offered by different energy suppliers, and choose the ideal deal for them. By considering different factors like energy type, energy rate, additional rewards, businesses can benefit from better rates, latest technology products, greener energy, or all three. 

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List of Business Energy Suppliers in Maine