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Business Energy Suppliers in Connecticut

The energy market of Connecticut was deregulated in 1998. Ever since, residential and commercial energy consumers have the choice to choose their energy supplier. Before deregulation, the energy rates were very high, but as more energy companies entered the market, they started competing with each other in order to get the most customers. This increasing competition resulted in the suppliers offering energy at cheaper, more reasonable rates.

Businesses in Connecticut can still get their energy supply from the utility, but not it is one of the many options that they have. Since there are a lot of energy supplying companies in the market, all with different deals and rates, business owners can choose the supplier that best suits their energy requirements.

Choosing a different supplier gives the consumers a lot more power over their energy plans; they can choose between fixed-rate plans and variable-rate plans, which give them the option of flexibility or price security. They also have the power to choose the type of energy they’re getting.

Some energy companies, for example, use 100% renewable resources to generate electricity. They have special green energy plans, which mean that they produce electricity from natural sources like sunlight, wind, biomass or geothermal heat. Green energy is the cleanest form of energy generation out there because it does not pollute the environment. Energy generated from these sources also does not contribute to global warming or ozone depletion. By opting for a supplier that provides green energy plans, businesses can help create a positive impact on the environment. These deals are ideal for businesses that produce eco-friendly products.

Some business energy suppliers offer customized energy plans, which allows their customers to choose some of the terms and conditions on the deal they’re selecting. Some suppliers even offer “energy saving plans”, which helps the consumers lower their energy bills through interactive planning. This is done by providing the customers with a detailed analysis of their energy usage, and then creating the perfect saving plans for their business. Suppliers also offer attractive offers like special rewards, bonuses and gift cards. Some even offer free energy during certain times of the day or night. In order to satisfy their customers completely, business energy suppliers also offer exceptional customer service and more rights for their customers.


In short, by comparing the rates and deals offered by different suppliers, businesses in Connecticut can choose the perfect energy supplier for them and save up a lot on their energy bills.

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List of Business Energy Suppliers in Connecticut