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Energy Deregulation for the state of Pennsylvania

The government of Pennsylvania has always tried to be innovative and to ensure the best life for its residents. It is renowned in the entire United States for not taxing bare necessities such as food and clothing, which is why it was no surprise at all that the government of Pennsylvania wished to implement deregulation of energy in their energy markets.

Both the electricity and the gas marketplace was deregulated in 1999 which is a bit later than most states, but still a good move on the state’s part. The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission constantly affirmed their belief in consumer choice, and were adamant in implemented deregulation policies to ensure that customers could choose their energy providers. House Bill 1331 made it possible for both of these markets to become deregulated, and is currently the reason that Pennsylvania residents can save so much money on their electricity and gas bills each year.

Pennsylvania is currently leading the entire United States as the best competitive energy marketplace, and Pennsylvania was also one of the first states to deregulate energy markets. As such, it has enjoyed immense success since most of the people in Pennsylvania have switched their electricity suppliers and taken advantage of the competitive marketplace. This has saved Pennsylvania and its residents thousands of dollars. The harsh winters have made this electricity deregulation all the more necessary, because most people have electric heating systems nowadays as opposed to gas powered ones.

As sad as it may be, not all Pennsylvania residents have access to natural gas as it is. While gas deregulation happened at the same time as electricity deregulation, barely any residents have switched their gas suppliers. This is partly due to the fact that electricity deregulation is highly publicized and also party due to the fact that most people now prefer to make use of electricity in any case that they can, even if gas can be used.

For the gas industry to thrive more in Pennsylvania, the state must ensure that utilities give more people access to natural gas, so that these people can also make use of the gas marketplace that has been deregulated. Once this is done, the competition in the market will automatically lead to better and more innovative energy solutions, especially in terms of gas.