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Electricity Suppliers in Washington D.C

Before 1999, residents of Washington relied on their respective utilities for their electricity supply. This became a problem when utilities were not able to provide the necessary energy and were short on the demands of both the residents and the utilities. Because of monopolistic power of a few companies in the market, it was very difficult for any energy change to be brought about. This is exactly why the state of Washington at a federal level has taken these issues to Congress. Twenty-five legislative proposals have been introduced in Congress pertaining to the issues of electricity and regulation of the electricity market.

Consumer choice essentially means that once a market is deregulated, many different companies that supply electricity will come into it. Competition will automatically increase and customers will have more options in terms of who they select for their electricity supply. When competition increases, services will get better and prices will become lower. This increased competition will make sure that all the companies try their best to maintain their quality and service standards, and constantly improve it as well. Deregulation not only destroys monopolies, but also increases chances of saving money, improvements in electricity generation methods, and improvements in renewable energy as well.

Residents and businesses can choose to remain with the utility that is a default. They can also choose to pick out an alternative supplier from the market according to the price that seems more reasonable for them. However, utilities are still responsible for the delivery and support of the gas or electricity that is being given to the customer. By doing this, customers can save up to 10 or even 30 percent on their electricity bills by choosing wisely and deciding according to their usage. The money saving benefits of deregulation are amazing.

However, despite deregulation have already taken place in Washington, there is still very little competition in the market. The lack of competition has resulted in a lesser price benefit than what is usually estimated from deregulated markets all over the world and especially in USA. All the benefits one might reap from a deregulated market are currently largely missing from the market in Washington and residents have not been able to fully benefit from it as such. While the government is trying to improve the deregulation and incentivize more suppliers to join the competitive market, the progress is rather slow.  

The listing below is sorted by cities in alphabetic order.

List of Electricity Suppliers in Washington D.C