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Electricity Suppliers in Texas

Before deregulation laws were passed in Texas, it too was home to the exact same problems that regulation had cause in other states. There was a monopoly in place, prices were skyrocketing, the industry had stagnated, and there was no competition in the market. Building newer electricity generation plants was a slow, annoying, and tedious process that was more bureaucratic than anything. To add on to that, green energy improvements and developments were nearly nonexistent before this deregulation.

The demand for electricity just kept on increasing in the entire country, so much so that it became a dire situation. The regulated utilities and markets were failing to supply the required electricity demands and were unable to meet the needs of the 21st century. To avoid all of these issues, deregulation was implemented in Texas.

There are five primary reasons why deregulation succeeded in Texas:

1.      New investment in electricity generation

The demand for electricity kept on increasing and regulated utilities were failing at meeting 21st century demands. When deregulation was implemented companies could now make generation plants on their own, generate electricity, and put it out into the market to keep up with the demand. Over #25 billion was invested in electricity production, most of which was low pollution and gas powered.

2.     Reliability 

The overload that was possible could not be solved in regulated markets. In this scenario of deregulation, the demand and even an overload of electricity could be managed due to the sheer number of competitors in the market. This gave the Texas electricity department a lot more reliability.

3.     Growth of better and more innovative technology

Innovate and environment friendly technology was being promoted by the deregulation process. Concerns over the environment ensured that competitors in the market would begin investing in renewable or green energy technologies. This made sure that the wind and solar power generation industry also flourished, and now Texas is the largest producer of wind generated electricity.

4.    Transformation of the electric grid 

Deregulation increased pressure on the state to improve infrastructure and that is why transformation of the grid became necessary. A new and improved grid would not only be much more efficient at its job, but it would also aid the reliability factor as well.

5.     Destroyed monopolies

The monopolies that existed were destroyed and there was a lot of competition in the market. Lower prices and better services were not just easily accepted, but were also appreciated by Texans. 

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List of Electricity Suppliers in Texas