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Electricity Suppliers in Rhode Island

What you need to know about the electricity suppliers in Rhode Island?

Ever since the deregulation of energy came into effect, one of the fundamental energy source to be deregulated was electricity. That meant that energy companies can compete for consumers to buy energy for them to use. The same law was also followed in Rhode Island where the consumers have a free choice. They can either choose to continue to receive their electricity from the utility or they could engage an electricity supplier. In recent times, the electric companies have become more and more open to do their billing with the utility regulated rates.

If you're living in Rhode Island, you probably would have noticed that your electric bills are divided into two different components. The first part consists of supply and the other is distribution. So if you "switch" your electricity, you are substituting one service to another without any hitch. Distribution of the electricity has to be handled by a Rhode Island utility company. That helps that customer in getting services without any interruption if you switch in Rhode Island. Consumers can still choose to receive their electric supply from the utility or from one of these new alternative suppliers. If you’re confused about what to choose, Rhode Island offers you the multiple rates from different companies. You can compare the company’s pricing and offers. This was you switch to the energy company and the budget that will be better.

Rhode Island is walking towards green energy initiative and industries as well including the Retail Electric Suppliers (RES) The RES provides less expensive and greener electricity alternatives for domestic, commercial and industrial use. 

A large percentage of Rhode Island is maintained by the National Grid. Consumers who do not shop for competitive rates offered by electricity supplier often end up paying the basic service rate. Consumers in Rhode Island have an open choice to find a lower price for their electricity supply. This lower rate will replace the basic service rate. More often than not, consumers have admitted that switching to energy companies actually help them with electric bill savings.

Hence the electricity suppliers are not only providing the Rhode Island consumers with low priced electricity, they are also taking initiative towards creating a greener and cleaner electricity. That has earned them a spot in the green energy programs which are helping towards saving the environment. 

The listing below is sorted by cities in alphabetic order.

List of Electricity Suppliers in Rhode Island