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Electricity Suppliers in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania as a state has constantly aimed at maximizing the benefits for its residents, whilst still providing them the best quality of life. They do not tax food or clothing, which goes to show that they believe in the importance of necessities. In order to help residents save as much money as is possible, a deregulated marketplace has been promoted by the Pennsylvanian government.

The electricity marketplace of Pennsylvania was deregulated in 1999 and so was the gas marketplace. The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission is a firm believer in consumer choice, which is why Pennsylvania has had such success in deregulation since 1999. Pennsylvania is currently leading in the competitive electricity marketplace as well as in the electric program that they have.

House Bill 1331, which is also responsible for the deregulation of the natural gas industry, has been recorder to have saved nearly 2 million Pennsylvanian families around $80 dollars. This law is the reason that Pennsylvanian consumers are the first in the nation to be able to choose both electricity and natural gas suppliers in deregulated and competitive marketplaces. Pennsylvania’s Electric Choice Program saves Pennsylvania hundreds of millions of dollars. Is all Pennsylvanians are encouraged to choose their own electricity provider, it is estimated that savings could top the 1 billion mark. An $82 million tax cut is a great incentive.

Consumers in Pennsylvania can now choose their electricity supplier irrespective of whether they are residential users, industrial users, commercial users, or small business owners. These alternative power suppliers can help these people by letting them lock in variable rates, fixed rates, and even partial loads.

Due to the fact that Pennsylvania sees harsh winters, its competitive electricity marketplace has become all the more important. Prices in variable rate plans have gone drastically high. Despite all these setbacks, nearly 40 percent of all customers end up participating in this competitive marketplace. This marketplace currently carries over 65 percent of the entire state’s electricity load, which is why it has been ranked the second best marketplace by Distributed Energy Financial Group LLC.

 Despite being accustomed to other forms of competitive marketplaces, the concept of shopping for gas and electricity still seems odd to some Americans. These choices might seem rather intimidating at first, but can end up saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars for each family. This is exactly why Pennsylvania is motivating its residents to take advantage of the competitive electricity marketplace. 

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List of Electricity Suppliers in Pennsylvania