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Electricity Suppliers in Ohio

The Ohio General Assembly passed a bill called Senate Bill 3 in 1999. With the passing of this bill came the start of the process of energy deregulation the state of Ohio, Consumers in various areas all over the state of Ohio now had the chance to select a company that is an alternative source of gas supply if they did not want to still purchase their electricity from their default utility. This law went into effect properly in 2001 and the deregulation gained more popularity amongst customers of all walks of life. Just within the first month nearly 100,000 customers in First Energy Territories switched their energy suppliers and took advantage of deregulation policies and prices.

Why would this option even be taken into account though? Simple. The more competition there is in a market, the more likely it is for prices to go down and for companies to better their services. Constant competition ensures that companies make sure of their infrastructures being up to date, their customer service ratings being high, and their overall company profile remaining as good as it is. The old system of electricity pricing worked on a formula that was dependent on the power company’s cost to actually produce the electricity that was being sold. This rate cap was removed by deregulation, and the competitive environment was allowed to establish prices instead. These prices would have a nominal relation to the cost of production, which is why the consumer could benefit exponentially from this sort of deregulation.

Sadly, not all Ohio consumers can avail this opportunity and benefit from deregulation. Some parts of the state of Ohio are still serviced b electric cooperatives. An electric cooperative is just a nonprofit member owned utility that only provides services to its members. Because it is so exclusive and limited in its territory, these are not required to restructure according to the deregulation laws of Senate Bill3. Currently, nearly 350,000 Ohio residents are being served by 25 electric cooperatives all over the state.

So far no measures seem to have been taken to make this deregulation available for all residents and business owners in Ohio, but the benefits of doing so would be rather great. Businesses could lessen their average yearly energy bills and could benefit in profits as well. Households could end up saving a lot of money on yearly electric bills as well. 

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List of Electricity Suppliers in Ohio